Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy 10 years Liddy!

In all my life (well, up until 10 years ago) I never thought I'd have a dog. Allergies stood in the way of even being able to enjoy other people's dogs, so how could I ever imagine having my own. Luckily about 11 years ago our friends Kristine & Kathleen got Emma, a labradoodle, that I could pet, snuggle, and play with and without having an allergic reaction! Hallelujah! The hype around "hypoallergenic" dogs was legit and so the hunt was on for a doodle of our own and upon meeting our sweet Liddy it was love at first site - no doubt about it.

Hard to believe that was 10 years ago, but alas, as with everything, we blinked and here we were celebrating our sweet Liddy's 10th birthday! We just love this pup so much - she has always been so loving, such a cuddle bug and protector (sure she barks, but I think it's out of love and concern...), playful, a swimming champ (she's probably the most upset about the sale of the boat) and even though we keep throwing curve balls at her (Adam, Sadie, and now Harper) she remains in good spirits and is as gentle as can be.

I am so thankful to Liddy for making us "dog people" and now with the addition of Sadie to our clan, I know that we'll always have four legged family members adding love and joy to our home.

Happy birthday Liddy Poppins Puddin Head, we love you so much!

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