Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Getting our "Ho Ho Ho" on...

After hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving there was no rest for the weary as it was time to get decorating! I find it's best if you just never sit down as the chances of getting back up are sometimes slim to none. Luckily, just as with our Thanksgiving preparations, we also had extra hands helping out with our decorating efforts. Auntie Anne & Mark were on Harper holding duty while "Elf" and "Home Alone" played in the background and Kathleen was on garland hanging and tree fluffing/lighting duty. I promised her I'd go help her with her tree - which we did the next evening.

I loved seeing our mantel with two extra stockings hanging from it. Kathleen gets major kudos for making our stockings, I just love them - and she has confirmed there are still more color combinations that can be made - good to know, ha! ;)

The weather was perfect for our real tree hunting outing - though it was a little too warm for Adam as it meant they didn't have the bonfire going or hot chocolate brewing - sorry bud. Our outing didn't last long as the very first tree Andy saw was deemed the winner by all. A huge frasier fir measuring in at 9+ feet! Thankfully Poppy stopped by to help get it in the house and set up.

I was also happy to have Adam's help this year with decorating the family room tree. A big 9 foot tree takes a lot of ornaments, so his help was much appreciated (once I decided to surrender control of course - not easy, but I swear I'm working on this). He turned out to be a really good ornament placer and it was nice having someone lower to the ground to help cover that real estate. I've taught young grasshopper well I suppose. ;)

When all was said and done we had two gorgeous trees and a house full of Christmas flair to kick off the holiday season. I loved walking Harper around and showing him all the lights and decor - he did seem mesmerized. Ah the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes - and now I've got two of them - be still my Christmas loving heart!

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