Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mini-trees & Advent Calendars...

As much as I love the holidays, I know that Adam (and soon to be Harper) love this season even more - so much magic, color, sugar (eek!), and of course the promise of Santa & presents at the end of it all. I love the tradition Andy's family had of having a tree in everyone's room and was happy we carried that on with Adam for his first Christmas, so it was fun to see that our elf, Al, brought one for Harper's room. Adam loved decorating his tree and having the honor of also decorating Harper's.

It's also not officially the holidays until an Advent Calendar (or three...) pops up. Ommy & Poppy gave both Adam and Harper the traditional kind filled with chocolate behind each window - Adam loved getting to eat his piece of chocolate in the morning and Harper's chocolate at lunch. Adam also was gifted a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar from my co-workers as a "yay! you're a big brother" gift." Putting together a new, albeit mini, Lego set, and Star Wars Lego set for that matter, every morning was quite the unique and special way to countdown to Christmas.

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