Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Festivities...

Our Thanksgiving celebration kicked off the week before when Grandma and I got to join Adam for the Thanksgiving lunch at his school. The table decorations were made by the Kindergartners, so we're hoping one of the turkeys on our table was made by Olivia. It's always fun to see Adam interact with the other kids in his class and I know it was a great surprise for him to see Grandma tag along. Bonus was the book fair was taking place at the same time, so Grandma and I got to get in some early Christmas shopping. 

We hosted dinner at our house for Andy's family, and our friends Paul & Ashley. The preparations began on Wednesday with table setting, pie making and prepping the meat stuffing while we watched "Elf" in the background. I think I've decided the night before Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite days of the year - the good smells, the excitement, the stress, ha! It's all so good!

Thanksgiving morning was a thrill of course as it was going to be Harper's first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade experience! He was wide eyed for the countdown and I loved sharing that moment when the parade kicked off with both of my boys. 

Of course the moment didn't last long as it was time to get back in the kitchen to continue preparations. Luckily we had some extra help as Kathleen, Auntie Anne, and Mae Mae stopped by for mimosas and some Harper time (they were having dinner at my parent's house)! Was nice having extra hands around to feed and snuggle Harper while Andy and I cooked away. They also helped tear bread for the oyster stuffing - this is a coveted job by the way. 

Before long it was time to get the turkey in the oven - something I actually really enjoy making, even though it requires a lot of attention. The kitchen smells so good and when all is said and done you've got this awesome centerpiece for your feast. 

It was so fun having a full house for Thanksgiving. It was also the first time Harper met a lot of his family. Adam loved having his cousins over - they all get along so well and it won't be long before Harper is in the mix. 

So much to be thankful for this year - with two healthy sons topping the list! 

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