Sunday, October 25, 2015

Harper's Story...NICU Week 7...

Harper had a pretty exciting week which started with his first visit with Ommy. He was wide awake and got in some good snuggles with her. 

His breathing had been so good they decided to switch him from his high humidity nasal cannula to a regular one. After two successful days with that one Harper got the green light from the doctor to have it removed - hello room air! It was so great to see his face without that cannula. It's also been nice having one less chord to navigate around and his cute face is enjoying having one less thing taped to it. He's handled breathing on his own very well and we're loving that he's achieved this huge milestone. 

We continue to work on his feeding. He has some good days where he's wide awake and ready to eat on his own and some days where he'd just rather sleep through it all - and that's ok. We're learning to be really patient and we know Harper calls the shots and we just follow behind, cheering him on and supporting what he's willing to do. 

I'm still enjoying being able to spend lots of time with Harper. Working as much as I can but also finding myself not wanting to put him down. It's just so nice to snuggle with him, kiss on him, and of course snap a few selfies. :) 

Adam got to come for another visit and just loves being able to see his baby brother. Let's hope he's always so excited to spend time with him. 

Our champ finished out the week weighing in at 5 pounds 8 ounces - what a buddy! 

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