Monday, October 5, 2015

My little slugger...

Adam is really enjoying playing baseball and even though we've had a few games and practices postponed due to rainy weather, he's still gotten in a couple games and you can see the team progressing - in that they aren't playing in the dirt quite as much and the ball generally ends up where it's supposed to go. I think we're learning that's the best we can hope for at this age. That being said, Adam does seem to be picking it up a lot faster than some of his teammates (yes, I'm that braggy mom, so sue me) and I just love to see him hustle after the ball. Grandma, Grandpa, Kathleen & Olivia were there to cheer him on at his last game and boy did he love showing off for them - big hits, big throws, and big smiles!

Big props to the dad on his team that takes these awesome photos of everyone - sure can't capture these great actions shots on my iPhone. 

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