Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dear Harper...

What a lucky boy you are - it may not have seemed like it as you've laid in your isolette day after day with masks, tubes and sensors attached to you, surrounded by beeps and the cries of your neighbors, but if you knew what was happening on the outside, you'd realize how lucky you really are - and that's why I'm writing about it, so you'll know. 

From the moment you were born you've had as big a cheering squad as I've ever seen. You've literally got fans cheering for you and praying for you from all over the globe. Co-workers of mine in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, France, England, India, China, Mexico and Canada have been sending prayers your way. Friends of ours in Germany and Italy have been toasting to your health and continued progress. And of course all throughout the US your fans have stepped up to cheer and support you  (I'm almost certain we've got all 50 states covered). And let me tell you - these cheerleaders of yours are loud because I know I can hear and feel them - and even though you may not realize it, I know you hear them too because you have been fighting so hard and progressing everyday. 

And of course your family has been behind you every step of the way as well. Everyone is just so excited to meet you and hold you - no doubt there will be a line out the door when you arrive home. 

One family member in particular is anxiously awaiting his turn to meet you and that's your big brother Adam. He's been excited since the day we told him you were on the way. He asks about you everyday and keeps you in his nightly prayers. Those colorful pictures and cards you've been staring at - those are all from one awesome big brother to his strong and brave little brother. As far as brothers are concerned, I think it's safe to say you've both got the best there is. 

So you keep on getting stronger and Daddy and I will keep leading the cheers - as we of course are your biggest fans. 


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