Sunday, October 18, 2015

When Adam met Harper...

When I found out I was pregnant one of the things I looked forward to the most was that first moment of having Adam meet his brother or sister and having our whole family together for the first time. So when we knew Harper was coming early and that Adam wouldn't be able to visit in the NICU that was one of the harder things to accept - and I know it was hard for Adam too. 

The hospital was great though providing resources to help explain to Adam what was happening and they even gave us a book that Adam could record himself reading so that Harper could start to learn his brother's voice. On the flip side, Adam would know that even though he wasn't able to visit Harper that he could still read to him. It's probably one of the sweetest things ever and I know we'll all cherish this book always. 

Moving to Fair Oaks did mean that Adam would now be able to visit and oh what exciting news that was to all of us. So on a teacher workday, after taking Adam for his 6 year check-up we surprised Adam by bringing him to the hospital to finally meet his brother. 

Sadly the moment didn't last too long as we mentioned to the nurse at the beginning of the visit that Adam had just gotten his flu vaccine - via the flu mist. Uh oh - big no no as that is a live virus and could easily make Harper, or any of the other babies in the unit, sick. Yikes! So while the initial visit was short lived, Adam was still so happy to have at least seen Harper and was ok with the fact that he'd have to wait another 7 days to hold him, touch him, kiss on him, etc. 

At long last the 7 days had come and gone and Adam got to really meet Harper and finally our family felt complete and whole. I'll never forget that moment and I know Adam won't either. Oh my am I excited to see these two grow up together - and I'll even look forward to the trouble they'll cause together - so long as it's just a little. ;) 

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