Sunday, November 1, 2015

Carving up Pumpkins...

We had the perfect weather last weekend for carving pumpkins so we got a fire going on the deck, invited Kathleen & Olivia over and got to work prepping our pumpkins for Halloween. 

The kids were in charge of cleaning out their pumpkins - lots of squeals and giggles as they scooped out innards with their hands. Then the kids drew on paper what they wanted their Jack-o-Lanterns to look like and then Kathleen and I had the challenging task of trying to carve up what they wanted. Adam insisted on a mustache for his pumpkin - the jury's out on whether I accomplished it or not - I think I did ok, Andy thinks it looks like he has two mouths. Oh well - A for effort! 

Nothing says fall & Halloween like a lit Jack-O-Lantern and mums on the front porch.

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