Saturday, November 28, 2015

Into the Woods...

A few weekends ago we snuck Adam out of school early and headed off to Bull Run for a much needed family camping trip. After lots of time spent apart from one another it was time to reconnect and spend time as a family of 4 (+ 2 dogs). 

The weather was perfect - dry, mild during the day, and the perfect crisp fall weather at night. We didn't have too much on the agenda aside from taking some walks, playing in the leaves, and enjoying the camp fire. All of which we accomplished and with the mild temps even Harper was able to get out and enjoy some fresh air with us (though most of the time he was nice and toasty inside the camper). 

The dogs enjoyed getting to stretch their legs as well and had fun chasing after each other (and Adam) through the leaves. Adam loved getting to run around as well gathering up all the sticks he could find and helping Daddy with the fire.

There was another motive for choosing this particular weekend for our camping adventure - it was the kick-off for the Festival of Lights - something we've participated in every year since 2012. Kathleen joined us as we walked through the light show. I love this tradition - much more fun walking through the lights with Christmas music playing on my phone than driving through in a car. The temperature was a little cool, but we layered up and hot chocolate awaited our return. (Andy & Harper stayed back and cooked up chili for us to enjoy as well) :) 

Bring on the holidays! 

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