Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend at Lake of the Woods...

We had something pretty big to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than with a weekend on the lake surrounded by friends?? 

The kids ran around, did arts and crafts, swam, ran some more, and chased each other with water guns (which by the way also involves running). 

Due to our very entertained children, the parents were able to spend time chit chatting and relaxing with one another. Though there was one exception, Baby Drew. Oh my, sweet baby Drew! I happily gave up some of that chit chat and relax time to cuddle up with this cutie pie! That smile...those legs!! :) 

The dogs enjoyed themselves. Liddy was in the water almost the entire time and Roxie was kind enough to invite her along for our boat ride...

Ah yes, the boat! 

Or shall we call it, "The Love Boat?!"

Yep, we had something to celebrate and I'd say we did a great job of it...welcome home Greggers! 

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