Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chair Lift Ride!

What could be better than taking a ride on a chair lift, both up and down the mountain, and with a very very small line!? Adam was certain nothing could be better and we were happy to show him that he was right!

When it comes to Wintergreen memories, those spent on the slopes are the first thing that come to mind.  Whether it was sibling skiing, with just a few incidents (sorry for knocking your ski off on the lift Mark; and Kath & Mark I'm sure you're sorry for losing me on the slopes that one time), the memories of bringing friends up to the mountain for weekends spent skiing from dusk 'til dawn or of Andy and me having dates on the slopes, those ski slopes and chair lifts hold a lot of memories for me. So it was about time we added Adam to the mix! 

He loved every second of it and I'll be honest, the notion of riding down the slope on a chair lift was enough to make me smile! 

Looking forward to our next chair lift ride with white stuff on the ground and skis attached to our boots...

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