Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recreating a Memory...

My Uncle Thom was the coolest uncle you could ask for. His imagination and creativity made for summers filled with new games to play in the pool each one accompanied by a rule book the size of "War and Peace." His stories were legendary with shark sightings evolving over the years into shark attacks and a lost leg (humor to battle the actual loss of a leg due to diabetes). You'd always want to be on his team during a round of Pictionary as his artistic skills were top notch rivaled only by Aunt Anne. So it's no surprise that a day at the beach would prove to be just as fun, creative, and artistic! Hence the picture below from probably the year 1983ish? 

Sadly Uncle Thom was taken from us far too soon and before even Andy or Adam could meet him, but that doesn't mean his spirit doesn't live on and the stories will certainly continue to be shared and of course embellished upon. In an attempt to share a little of Uncle Tom with Adam I tried to recreate the beach scene from years ago and while it certainly doesn't compare I'm sure in Thom's book it would have received a thumbs up.

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