Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jamestown National Park

Since we were in Williamsburg on Veteran's Day, we took advantage of the fact that all National Parks waived entrance fees in honor of our nation's veterans.  When we visited last year, we toured the Jamestown Settlement (remember this) so this year we decided to check out the National Park at Jamestown instead. 

I was so glad that we did because it turns out, we didn't miss seeing the famous Pocahontas statue last year, because it's not at the settlement, it's in the National Park! Hooray! I was so excited to snap this picture of Adam as I have the same one of me when I visited in 4th grade (I'll have to dig it up and scan that in). 

We really enjoyed the park and did our best to read and learn, whilst keeping an eye on a hyper 3 year old!  Adam also seemed to enjoy himself, though we'll definitely have to take him back when he's older and can understand a bit better.  He did seem to grasp the concept that "America was born here." 

After our visit we snuck into town for, you guessed it, sandwiches from The Cheese Shop, and then we took them to the York River State Park (again, free admission!) for a picnic.  The views were spectacular and the sandwiches, as always divine!

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