Saturday, November 10, 2012

Then they said..."I do"

It was a love story spanning 10 years. They've survived many a dance floor, bonfires, boat rides, and also some of the darkest times anyone could imagine, and yet we were all so lucky to witness the official coming together of Sarah and Liza.

This sign says it all...

Those who spoke at the wedding had the most wonderful things to say about Sarah and Liza and while they had varying stories from different aspects of their lives, they all agreed that on November 3, a "Ying" married her "Yang." 

I've never seen two people compliment one another so well before, and that's not to say I don't have amazing couples in my life, but there is just something about Liza and Sarah that makes you want to try harder. To step outside your comfort zone in order to support the partner in your life.  They are a true testament to what love and marriage should be. 

In true Greeley fashion, we celebrated that love, and we celebrated it hard.  That dance floor was likely pre-warned, and yet, there's no way it was prepared. 

Another wonderful, heartfelt, touching, inspiring, energetic, and memorable Greeley wedding in the books and we look forward to August 2014 when Amy & Brendan tie the knot!

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