Thursday, November 29, 2012

Visit with the Chappells!

After leaving Williamsburg we headed north a bit to visit our great friends, Chris, Aimee, and Ryan at their new home in Richmond.  They are expecting another little boy in January, so it was great to get a visit in before their family of three becomes a family of four!

Their new house is lovely and the best part, they have a HUGE fenced in backyard.  Though I suppose rather than calling it a backyard, Adam and Liddy would probably just assume we call it heaven. 

The dogs and kids had so much fun running around and let me tell you something, Ryan has just about every fun toy you can imagine, including a swing set, playhouse, and yes, a motorized John Deer tractor as well!  Look out Ryan, you'll have a brother to share those things with before you know it!

Andy has passed his love for towing to his son!

Adam and Ryan got along great though which was awesome because it gave the adults a chance to catch up.  It was a wonderful visit and we can't wait to visit again once baby boy #2 joins the crew!!

A little blurry, but love this one!

Love you guys! 

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