Thursday, November 29, 2012

Camping at Williamsburg...again...

It's very clear looking back through our camping adventures that Williamsburg is one of our favorite places to camp and our trip this month did not disappoint.  Santa was of course, a big hit, but it wasn't the only fun thing we did.

We enjoyed, as per usual, a great lunch at The Cheese Shop.  It's actually fun to look back at all of our visits there, Adam went from enjoying a bottle there to now getting to enjoy yummy turkey and roast beef sandwiches. 

We got treats from the candy shop and then proceeded to get good and messy---nothing better than chocolate kisses! :)

We took hikes with Liddy and hikes with Adam.  We ran races (so Adam would nap) and we then played Dominoes (while Adam napped). 

We had our first screening of "The Polar Express" and while Adam enjoyed that, Andy and I enjoyed conversation around the fire. 

Love love love Williamsburg and look forward to continuing to create memories there!

October 2009
November 2011

November 2012--vest still fits! :)

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