Friday, September 28, 2012

We made it!

After a great evening spent in NY we woke up rested and ready to tackle the second half of the trip to New Hampshire.  We hit a little bit of commuter traffic, but it wasn't long before we had nothing but open road in front of us with great scenery to include gorgeous homes in Connecticut, beautiful trees and mountainsides in Massachusetts, and Lee & Kathleen's car in New Hampshire! Yep, though we were at one point an hour apart, between restroom, coffee and gas breaks we wound up finding each other on the interstate.  The Virginia Greeleys were caravaning it to the big wedding weekend, loved it!

Once in the lake region, Andy and I started our mission to find a water front dive to eat lobster rolls at for lunch.  After a quick search on our phones we came across the Lobster Connection and found ourselves chowing down on amazing lobster and taking in our first views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

With lobster in our bellies, we headed to the hotel where the Greeley family fun officially started!  Our room had gorgeous views of the lake and beach area.  Adam and Olivia wasted no time getting their toes and hands in the sand.  While those cousins were enjoying their time together, the grown-up (well mostly) cousins wasted no time catching up, sharing laughs and of course, enjoying some adult beverages. 



Pumpkin beer w/ shot of Stoli Vanilla and cinnamon sugar rim, yeah.

Adam had met most of his cousins last summer, but this was the first introduction to cousin Melissa. They became fast friends.

Watching the sunset on that spectacular lake surrounded by family is probably as close to perfection as one can get. 

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allison said...

What great photos! We go to New Hampshire every summer, such a beautiful place.