Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bucket List...

There are lots of things on my bucket list, playing Augusta National, visting all 50 states, hitting all 7 continents, playing golf in Ireland/Scottland, and the list goes on and on.  Through the years I've crossed some items off of my list, safari in Africa, watched fireworks from a boat, went to the golf verison of the US Open and the other night I crossed off the list, the tennis version of the US Open!

I was up in New York for work and it just happened to be during the tournament (funny how that works, wink wink) and my boss was able to score quarterfinals tickets to the event.  I would have been happy to see anyone play and actually the day before I thought it would be the Andy Murray match, but as luck would have it, it was Roger Federer that we got to see play!! 

Giddy doesn't come close to describing how I felt and I loved every second of the entire experience.  The stadium grounds are amazing, filled with displays from the various sponsors (hello gorgeous Mercedes convertible) and tasty cocktails (Grey Goose, melon liquor and honeydew melon balls? umm, yes please!) and all the tennis swag you could ask for (scored myself a Roger Federer Nike visor).  The views of the city in the distant were breathtaking, I swear as many times as I've seen the city skyline, it never gets old. 

Our seats were fantastic and we got to see Serena Williams play as well.  In the stadium watching along with us was Aretha Franklin, Ryan Lochte, and my favorite, Pippa Middleton!  Pippa got lots of attention and even a few marriage proposals shouted out to her throughout the match. 

Pippa is in the stunning yellow her

Sadly Federer did not come out victorious, but he fought hard (or at least fought hard in the 3rd set) and it was fun to be able to cheer him on in person for a change.  It was a great experience and my bucket list is now one item shorter!

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