Sunday, September 2, 2012

From the beach to the mountains...

As we drove away from the beach early yesterday morning we watched the sunrise over the ocean and knew it was the perfect ending to a great week at the beach.  However, we didn't quite feel our vacation was over so we decided we'd change routes and head to Wintergreen for a night (or two!)

Seeing as we drive right past Williamsburg, we couldn't resist stopping by to pick up sandwiches from our favorite place there, The Cheese Shop.  We arrived with about 30 minutes to spare but were delighted to see that a farmer's market was taking place with live entertainment in the form of a local high school jazz band.  It was the perfect 30 minute distraction and before we knew it I was paying for our Cheese Shop picnic lunch.

We loaded back up into the car and headed west for the mountains stopping at one of our favorite wineries, King Family, which was the perfect spot for our picnic.  Their kid sized picnic tables and open fields make for a very kid and dog friendly atmosphere and Adam burned off all that pent up energy from the car ride. 

The weather was cool and cloudy making it the perfect reprieve after a week spent in the sun and sand.  What better transition from the beach to fall than a weekend in the mountains!

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