Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Adam!

Our little buddy turned 3 on Monday and we spent every last minute of it celebrating.  The morning started with birthday bagels from Bodos in Charlottesville on our way home from Wintergreen.  Adam had his favorite, blueberry!  

He then got to watch "Cars" on the ride home and once home got to reacquaint himself with his trains that he had missed during our beach week. 

After a nap he awoke to a birthday wonderland, and as a bonus, had Erica and Blake there to help with the celebration!

He was gifted with lots of great things from puzzles to a Lightning McQueen and Mater car, to the big surprise, his first official set of left handed golf clubs and bag! 

I'm not sure there is anything cuter than our little golfer strutting around with his new bag on his back...oh wait, I know, what's cuter, our little golfer strutting around with his new bag on his back whilst wearing a VT jersey!!

After gifts it was cake time, he had requested chocolate ice cream cake, and it was a good thing he had all that sugar at 7:30 as it helped to keep him up and running around cheering for the first half of the VT home opener (there is a slight amount of sarcasm in that last part...goodness that boy was hyper, haha)! 

To cap it all off, the Hokies gave Adam a victory over Georgia Tech as one last present.  Not too shabby for a 3rd birthday! 

We love you Adam and what a great 3 years it's been!

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