Wednesday, February 22, 2017


A few weeks back we headed up to Wintergreen to avoid the craziness surrounding Inauguration Day. We brought Mark, Kathleen, Olivia and puppy Holly along with us and enjoyed a great weekend in the mountains. 

The (older) kids had so much fun playing in the woods most of the time. The weather was really nice and they even had a picnic in the woods just the two of them - so cute how well those cousins get along. 

Harper had fun exploring the house and going for a hike on the golf course where Andy got to fly his drone. We also stopped at a few of the overlooks and snapped some great pictures of the mountains peaking out from what seemed like an ocean of clouds - it was pretty cool. 

We enjoyed some fun meals, a lot of laughs, and a few house issues - but that's par for the course (sorry Mom & Dad!). 

Sadly once our weekend escape was over we still had to return to the reality that is #45....sigh. 

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