Saturday, February 25, 2017

Harper (really) Walks...

So even though Harper had started taking steps here and there back in December (see here) he really got the hang of it in early January. I came home from my trip to find him walking everywhere and only crawling from time to time - a reverse of what he had been doing. It's just so amazing to watch him continue to reach these milestones. When we first met with the Early Intervention team we wrote out short term and long term goals for Harper (this was when he was only 4 months old) and set a long term goal of Harper being able to walk to the front door to greet Adam when he arrived home from school as something we'd strive to achieve by 18 months - well, leave it to Harper to crush that goal and achieve it at just 16 months! It's probably my favorite thing to watch these days - you tell Harper "go to the door - Adam will be home soon" and he just walks as quick as he can to the window and waits with excitement until he sees the bus. He then proceeds to wave excitedly at Adam as he runs towards the door. I hope they are always this excited to see each other.

PS: The hugs and kisses they give each other before Adam leaves for school are equally as amazing.

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