Sunday, February 26, 2017

Adam Rides a Bike...

One of the lessons we've learned as parents is that sometimes as much as you want your child to learn to do something - if they aren't interested then sometimes you just have to back off and let them figure it out on their own terms. Case in point - bike riding. I guess we just assumed this was something Adam would want to learn to do at least by the age of 5 or 6 but after several attempts Adam finally declared "I don't want to ride my bike and you shouldn't force me to." Ummmm...ok. It was that same day we caught an episode of Modern Family where the same topic was brought up and sure enough - the pressure the parents were putting out there was enough to make the daughter refuse to ride - until she was ready - and then she did. Hello life lessons in primetime! :) 

So, that being said - we backed off. However I had a sneaking suspicion that Adam's scooter would help teach him balance and a few weekends back while we were enjoying a ton of outdoor time due to unseasonably warm weather we simply suggested to Adam that he might be able to ride his bike now since he was so good at balancing on his scooter. He seemed interested and willing to try (that's the key) and so we got his bike out, he put on his helmet, and all of a sudden while we weren't even looking Adam starts cheering "I'm doing it!!" And sure enough - without even an ounce of help from us Adam was riding his bike. 

A fun milestone that Adam hit when he was ready and now we can't get him off of it! He even rode his bike nearly 3 miles yesterday. 

We may not have had to teach Adam how to ride a bike - but he certainly taught us something! 

Go Adam go! 

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