Monday, February 20, 2017

The Netherlands - My Weekend in Amsterdam...

Wow - what an amazing city Amsterdam is. It was never really on my radar as a city I'd want to visit - not sure why it just hadn't really crossed my mind - however now that I've been - I'm already looking forward to getting back there (and hopefully with Andy in tow!) :) 

The weather was chilly but not unbearable - we actually got quite lucky on that front. We had a great hotel right across from the train station and basically in the city center. We did a lot of walking and just taking in the city. We would stop for coffees every now and again - which of course over there are sooooo much better than here. We also enjoyed some more amazing food. My colleague Mario was our tour guide, however he is actually from Portugal so he's also still a bit of a tourist in Amsterdam. He did take us to a Portuguese restaurant though where we had a fun and delicious dinner. We got to talking with the wait staff as well and enjoyed hearing their travel stories - talking with people from different countries is always a highlight of travel for me. 

We walked off our dinner by taking a stroll through the Red Light District. Woah. That's an experience. We didn't spend too much time - just walked through long enough to say we did it. Walking past some of the things you see with two male colleagues definitely ranks high on the "awkward" scale!

We also visited the Van Gogh Museum which was very well done and filled with so much beautiful art. There were several pieces I wish I could have taken with me - ha - but I refrained. After that we took a long walk down to see Ann Frank's house - only to find that the house itself has had a museum built around it - so not really much to see - oh well maybe next time I will plan to visit the museum. 

For our last evening in Amsterdam we went on a river cruise and took in their holiday light show. It was one last festive activity before I had to officially say goodbye to Christmas - haha - I was able to hold on tight for an extra 7 days though! :) It is amazing to see the city from the water - so beautiful. 

Finally it was time to head home and I couldn't wait to see my boys. A long 9.5 hour flight was endured but happily it was smooth and on time! I was greeted at the door by two wagging tales, and happy Adam and a full on walking Harper! Wow - he had flipped a switch while I was gone and I was so proud to see him using his feet as his main mode of transportation. Gifts were given and hugs were shared all around. A fantastic trip and experience but of course there's no place like home!

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