Thursday, December 29, 2016

Special Delivery for NICU...

We were able to deliver some breakfast goodies to the Fairfax NICU back at the beginning of December. Amy was having to work on her birthday so we figured we'd surprise her with some birthday treats and give the other nurses something fun to enjoy as well. Amy was thrilled, as were the other nurses, and I even got a special VIP tour of the new NICU - not easy, but still special. 

We figured we better show our Fair Oaks NICU family some love as well so we baked a ton of fun breads and cookies and delivered them on Christmas Eve. I got to see some of Harper's nurses and the receptionist who was always so welcoming and kind. Felt really nice to be able to bring some holiday cheer to the staff as they worked through Christmas taking care of those tiny humans (and their parents!) If I could I would have walked around to all the rooms and given all the moms and dads big hugs - I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like to have Harper in the hospital for Christmas. 

I think we'll make this a yearly tradition - and most likely stop by a few other times throughout the year as well - those NICUs will always be important and special to us. 

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