Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Wonderful 11 Year Anniversary...

We had so much fun celebrating our anniversary this year. We had been invited to a Christmas Party at a neighbor's house so we decided to go out for an anniversary lunch instead. After dropping the kiddos off with Grandma & Grandpa (thank you!!) we headed to Matchbox. It was our first time there and we really loved it. The decor was great, the drinks were festive and the food was on point - we'll be going back for sure. 

The party was right across the street and was really fun. They did a white elephant exchange which turned out to be lots of fun - plenty of gift stealing and scheming as we were after a few Star Wars gifts for our Star Wars loving 7 year old. In the end we left with a few extra stocking stuffers for Adam - and with some new friends - perfect! 

Just when I thought our evening was coming to an end - Andy got a second wind, ordered an Uber and it was off to Reston Town Center to continue the anniversary celebration. At first sight of the ice skating rink Andy quickly proclaimed - "Yep! We're going to ice skate!" Fun! I hadn't done that since high school but after a few laps we both had our "skating legs" back. It was silly, fun, festive, and totally unexpected - kind of like how marriage can be. :) 

After skating we walked down to Barcelona for some vino and tapas - sort of a nod to our European honeymoon. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Happy 11 years Bub - thanks for every fun moment and for all the fun that's yet to come! XO 

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