Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Party with Reid & Ava (Adults were there too...)

It wouldn't be the holidays without a get together with Reid and Ava (their moms too!) This year we added in a few extra guests - Sarah & Chris (they are the ones who got married in St. John and we are forever grateful for that wonderful destination!) and Ellen (who was one of our roomies in St. John). It was a fun and festive evening filled with lots of chit chat, laughs, good food and spirits of course! :) 

The kids had so much fun playing - Harper took quite a liking to Ava - he wouldn't let her out of his sight! It was pretty cute. They all gifted each other fun new games to play - and I'm sure we'll be enjoying all of them when we take our annual ski trip to Wintergreen in two months. 

Love these friends! 

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