Tuesday, December 20, 2016


We were lucky to be able to attend Kathleen's work party again so the boys could see Santa. We weren't sure how Harper would handle it (more on that later) but we knew Adam was excited. I love to see the look on Adam's face when Santa arrives - the magic is still there for sure! Harper on the other hand - well, he wasn't so sure what to think when he first saw the big guy. 

Once it was our turn Adam went first and had a nice chat with Santa - for someone who wasn't sure what they were going to ask for - he sure had a lot to say - this is not surprising to anyone who knows Adam of course. 

Then it was time for Harper to join in on the fun - although I think "fun" is not at all the word Harper would use to describe it. Ha! A classic #SantaFail as they say in the world of social media. However you've gotta love the look on Santa's face - he sure is a pro! Don't worry Harper, he knows you've been good. 

Harper's mood turned around later in the day - phew! Was hoping he was going to be scarred for life! haha 

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