Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tai Kwon Do

A few weeks back we finally got Adam enrolled in Tai Kwon Do. He'd been asking for awhile to do it and it really is going to be a perfect activity for him. From the start I was already impressed with the instructors and how they focus so much on respect, discipline, and of course the fun of accomplishing new forms and techniques. The first belt that Adam earned was his white belt. In order to earn that he had to keep a log for a week showing that everyday he did his chores around the house, did well in school, completed homework, and best of all that he was a respectful participant in school and with the family. I love that! They presented him his belt in front of the whole class who all bowed to him and cheered for him - he was quite pleased with himself. After class that day another student came up to congratulate him on earning his belt and told him he'd be getting his official uniform soon - it was a pretty great moment. Fast forward a few weeks and Adam was in class when another boy earned his white belt - even though he doesn't even know the kid he made it a point to find him after class so that he could congratulate him and let him know that he too would be getting his uniform soon. Wow - I think we're all going to really like this new sport for Adam. 

Can't wait to watch him continue to work hard and hopefully earn his yellow belt in December! 

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