Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Adam's First Day of 2nd Grade...

This year was a bit different as Adam prepared to start school again - it was the first time since Kindergarten that he had a new teacher - we lucked out with him having Ms. Jaeschke two years in a row. We learned the week before school starts that he would have Mrs. Marquetz for 2nd grade and other than her name we didn't know anything about her. This added a level of anticipation and nervousness that we hadn't experienced since he first started school. That said, we followed all our same traditions - laid his clothes out the night before, cooked a fun pancake breakfast, photos on the front step, and then off he went! 

It's always a looooong day waiting for him to return as I'm a bundle of nerves hoping he likes his teacher, has friends in his class, etc. Happily he once again came bounding off the bus, all smiles and enthusiastic for the year ahead. Phew! He also stated he has plans to be an engineer when he grows up. Well alright then - let's get after it! 

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