Friday, March 11, 2016

Valentine's Weekend at Wintergreen...

For the third year in a row we journeyed up to Wintergreen for the long President's Day/Valentines weekend with Kristine, Kathleen, Reid & Ava. This year we had three new participants in our gathering - Harper, Sadie & Finn. 

The kids had so much fun together spending much of their time outdoors - which was shocking as it was 10 degrees out there! Kids definitely have a much higher tolerance for the cold - and playing in the woods building forts I guess keeps you warm. The adults (and Harper) stayed close to the fire - we're smart like that. However we did brave the elements to go tubing with the kids, which I had never done before - and now I'm hooked! It really is a lot of fun and with the snow falling during our tubing time it really was the perfect winter activity. 

When the kids weren't outside they were inside playing and spending lots of time with Harper. Reid and Ava just couldn't get enough of him - and Harper definitely enjoyed the attention. 

Since we were there for Valentines Day we thought we'd do something special to mark the occasion so we did cheese fondue as an appetizer and then we did steak and shrimp fondue with lots of dipping sauces for our dinner. It was so delicious and the kids loved doing it. Chocolate fondue was on the menu as well but we were all pretty well stuffed from the first two courses. Chocolate covered strawberries served as the perfect replacement dessert. :) 

It was a great weekend spent in the mountains and with the extra snowfall we even got to extend our trip by a day. The dogs enjoyed their extra play time as did the kids and happily the adults came well prepared so we had plenty of extra food and wine to get us through. Looking forward to next year's trip already! 

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