Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Day at the Zoo

That same weekend with still nothing on our schedules we took advantage of a beautiful, warm and sunny Sunday and headed off to the National Zoo. We hadn't been there since we took Adam at the ripe old age of one (see here) so we figured a visit was well overdue. 

Adam really had no memory of being there before so he was pretty excited to get to see so many different animals - and the best part was the excitement kept his mind off of the 4+ miles we walked around the park. We saw lions, tigers, apes, elephants, sea lions, spiders, gators, zebras, and best of all the pandas! Sadly we didn't see the new cub, but it was still fun to see mom and dad outside playing. 

Harper mostly slept through this visit but we'll be back - hopefully before he's 6! 

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