Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Harper's Half Birthday...

Wow! What an amazing six months it has been since we welcomed Andrew Harper into this world. When I look at those first photos of him I am reminded of how truly lucky we are that we now have a healthy, thriving, chunky, full of personality and oh so handsome six month old. 

At his six month check up he weighed in at a solid 14 pounds 8 ounces - he's certainly come a long way since his birth weight of 2 pounds 15 ounces! He's wearing mostly six month clothes and even starting to bust out of those a bit - big boy! The doctor was so thrilled with his progress and had no complaints - she even gave us the green light to start feeding him baby food (more on that later). 

In this last month we have been working hard on rolling over (he's getting there and as long as his arms are under him he can easily do it), we do lots of tummy time and you can tell he's just dying to get crawling once he figures out getting those arms up and under, and sitting is coming along though with his big head that's proven to be a bit more of a challenge - poor kid is a bit top heavy. :) Haha, he'll grow into it no doubt and will be sitting in no time. He is also a definite thumb sucker and I find it very adorable. 

Meanwhile he is doing a lot of talking still, giggling, giving us big smiles when we enter a room and his purposeful play is getting better and better. He also found his feet! So he spends a lot of time playing with those - ha - who needs toys when you can tickle your own toes!? 

He still sleeps through the night and we're slowly finding a rhythm with naps during the day - but we're not quite on the schedule that I'd like, but I'm learning to be flexible which is not always my strongest suit.

To celebrate this big half birthday milestone I made the traditional half cake and we took some baby belly photos as well. We did the same with Adam so it was cute to compare their chunky legs and baby bellies. 

Here's Adam at his half birthday

In some ways these past six months have been a whirlwind and in other ways I feel as though Harper has always been a part of this family - time is funny like that I suppose. 

Regardless, we can't imagine life without our big Harper boy! 

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