Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday baking!

Baking and the holidays seem to go hand in hand. Adam loves spending time with us in the kitchen and he is becoming quite the little chef! We whipped up quite a few treats this holiday season. Adam is becoming the king of chocolate chip cookies. He simply laughs at the recipe which simply suggests a mere half a cup of chocolate chips. An entire bag (or more) seems to be his secret recipe and I'm cool with that.

We also had a marathon baking night prepping goodies for my co-workers. I don't get to spoil them with treats very often, so I look forward to going all out to bake up breads and truffles for them each Christmas.

It's not the holidays until the kitchen is dusted in flour, the oven smells of fresh baked goodies, and you've licked about a dozen spoons! :)

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