Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Magical Christmas Morning...

It was another wonderful, magical, fabulous Christmas morning for our family. Adam was out of bed by 6:30 but we were able to convince him to watch "A Christmas Story" for about an hour before we all headed downstairs. I feel there's an unwritten rule that the sun should at least be up before the Christmas festivities begin. 

Adam was so excited and so grateful for every gift he unwrapped (well, except for the Spiderman bandaids, he really hates bandaids). His face would just light up no matter what he opened, it was so fun to watch. 

Of course the showstopper seemed to be the remote control crane that Santa so kindly put together for him so he could play with it right away...and play with it he did! I think it was over an hour between opening our stocking stuffers to opening any of the gifts under the tree as he was so enthralled with playing with the crane. So great and we loved how his enthusiasm for the crane helped extend the thrill of Christmas morning! 

These truly are the moments that I know I'll always cherish, youthful imagination and seeing that magic in his eyes. There's really nothing better...ok, well seeing these two smooch under the Christmas tree was pretty great too! :) 

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