Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas in New York!

This year we decided to bring the whole family up for my office party. Somehow the idea of taking Adam into Manhattan on the train to see all the Christmas d├ęcor was just not something I could see turning down.  We kept the trip a secret from our little buddy and boy was he excited when we surprised him the morning of with the news that he’d be tagging along.

I attended my office party on my own. Andy was just as happy to let me hang with my co-workers in the afternoon while he hung out with Adam at the pool.  We were all able to then hook up that evening at the hotel restaurant, and boy was Adam the hit of the party! My boss, Gary, and his daughter Chelsea couldn’t get enough of our sweet little guy and as he was tossed around the table he made quick friends with the rest of my crew. Stan even taught him how to play thumb wars – he’s forever grateful!

The next morning we were up early and at the Tarrytown train station in time for the 9:05 express train to Grand Central. Adam was so excited! Before we knew it we were in the Big Apple and headed for magic!

Somehow we were blessed with tepid temps in the mid 50’s. Andy didn’t have a jacket on. Hello, wonderful! It made our 6+ mile stroll through the city so much more bearable! 

We hit Rockefeller Center and the tree of course. Even in the daylight it was gorgeous and oh my the aroma of so many pine needles! Yankee Candle could do well to bottle that exact smell of and name the candle Mistletoe Rock. ;)

Then it was time for a trip down 5th Avenue. Gorgeous store fronts and Andy promised if I just had somewhere to wear it we’d have gone into Harry Winston to buy one of the gorgeous necklaces they had on display in the window. Note to self, find a way to be invited to a State Dinner...

Then we had “Breakfast at Tiffanys” because, you know, that’s what you do.

FAO Schwartz was next on the list and somehow we managed to make it out of there without one single purchase. Adam figured Santa knew the address, so we were good. He also made friends with the resident Toy Soldiers.

Central Park was next and oh my was it beautiful. It helped they had Christmas Markets set up…hello perfection!

Lunch was a quick cab ride away in Time Square at Guy Fierri’s place. Touristy? Perhaps. But I knew from previous experience it was really good, clean, and bonus – clean bathrooms! Washing our hands after a morning on the train, opening doors, romping around Central Park and riding in a cab felt amazing…it really is the little things.

 After lunch it was a crowded walk through Time Square, a glimpse of the Empire State Building and a more extensive tour around Grand Central Station before our train departed.

The train ride back to Tarrytown was the most magical with lots of empty space to spread out and a conductor who punched an extra special ticket for Adam to keep. His “Polar Express” dream come true.

Ah New York, you truly are a wonderful city for hearts young and slightly younger. :)

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