Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seeester night at Wolf Trap!

I have a confession to make, I'm in love with another man. Yep, there, I said it. But it's ok, Andy is well aware and is actually supportive.  The problem is, my sister is also in love with this man. Yep, we're ready to go the mats over this one....his name....Josh Groban. Ok ok, so Andy is ok with it because he knows there's truly no threat, though it must be mentioned that he is on my "list" so there, it's not out of the question :) And Kathleen and I really don't have to fight over him, instead we can share our love for him, and last month we did just that. 

Our boy Josh graced our presence at Wolf Trap, which is pretty much the Best. Venue. Ever. 

We met up at our house, Andy took some pics, I critiqued his photo taking abilities, and then we spent the rest of the night taking about a gazillion "selfies."  

"uhhh, Andy, take the pics from a bit higher up..."
The weather was unbelievable, especially for the middle of August, the wine was chilled, the people watching fantastic (including another twosome dressed surprisingly similar to the two of us), and of course, our boy Josh was beyond amazing. Love. Love. Love. 

Of course as good as Josh is, the evening spent hanging out with my seeester was the best part of all!

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RipleyVT said...

I heart this so much!!! I had a fabulous time and can't wait to go again...hopefully Joshua returns to our favorite concert spot! Cheers!