Monday, September 30, 2013

One turned 4...another turned more than 4...

Another great joint birthday is in the books! After a fantastic long holiday weekend (love having birthdays so close to, and sometimes on Labor Day!) filled with the return of Hokie Football, a successful birthday party, and lots of family time, Adam and I celebrated our actual birthdays by going to work and school. Boo! No one should have to do such things on their birthdays, though Adam had the benefit of bringing cupcakes to share with his classmates. As my co-workers are spread throughout the globe, I simply enjoyed the steady line of Facebook messages. :) 

At the end of the day we were ready to party (again) and after a great dinner of braised short ribs (one of my faves) we opened some more presents (mostly clothes from us, but Adam still gets pretty excited about new threads!) and some jewelry for me (yay!) 

Hard to believe it had been 4 years since we brought Adam into this world, and I suppose my folks were thinking the same thing, though it's certainly been far more than 4! ;) 

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