Monday, September 30, 2013

A Splish Splash Birthday Party!

We had a "low key" (or at least that's what I had told Andy it would be, whoops!) birthday party for Adam this year. Just a few friends, family, and hot hot hot temperatures which made his End of Summer "Pool" Party quite fitting! 

The kids had a blast splashing and playing and the adults did their best to stay cool with cold beer, lemonade, and the occasional water gun spray from the little ones! 

We set up a "Snack Bar" and while Andy grilled up some kielbasa and wings, I served up some dips, chips, and a fruit bowl that had everyone "chomping" away on the summer's best berries and melons.  

Adam LOVED his "Nemo" cake and had a great time hearing everyone sing him "Happy Birthday!" 

He was spoiled with some amazing toys and books which have all added to his blossoming imagination. 

A special shout out to Grandma & Ava for coming to party on THEIR birthday! :)

So it might not have been "low key" but I can't imagine anything better than watching your son light up at the site of friends and family gathered to celebrate him! 

Don't worry Andy, next year we'll scale back......(she said with her fingers crossed) ;) 

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