Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Playing Catch Up: Annual Green Coat Tournament

Boy, I just can't seem to get caught up! Guess it's just a sign that we've been keeping busy and while I'm gathering tons of great pictures and memories to blog about, we're just too busy creating blog worthy moments to have time to actually blog them! Will make a concerted effort to get caught up...

Even though I don't get to play in it, the annual Green Coat tournament at our club is one of the highlights of the golf season for me.  I love watching Andy compete and having him talk me through his team's round shot by shot and hole by hole. This year his team was in contention for a little bit on Sunday, and while they didn't win, they did come out on top on a few of the side bets they were in. 

Had to snap a photo of score board, for a little bit Andy's team was leader in Club House! Woot! 

The tournament ended up going to a play off between two of the teams which made for a very exciting Sunday evening with most of the club gathering around the greens watching the action. After three play off holes the tournament was finally won by the team we were cheering for. A past team mate of Andy's made the winning putt garnering huge cheers from the gallery!

With all the golf we watch on tv, it was fun to spend a weekend watching competition in person. Here's to next year and another shot at those green coats for Andy and his team! :) 

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