Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home...

On April 22 we signed about a gazillion pieces of paper and at the end of it we were handed the keys to our new home and we couldn't have been happier! We've had our eye on this place since the fall and the stars aligned and we look forward to all the years to come making this house our "forever" home...

We were able to do a few renovations before we moved in, some hard woods in my office and in the family room, new pendant lights in the kitchen, and some painting.  Always nice to be able to knock some of those things out before the boxes start getting in the way.  

We were also so lucky to have the help of our families to move boxes, unpack boxes, move furniture, donate furniture, entertain Adam, oh and for storing both our stuff and US for the months leading up to our move! :) It really does take a village! 

The unpacking is still a work in progress but the main living areas of the house are, for the most part, moved in, decorated, and feeling like home.  

Looking forward to entertaining here, having lots of play dates in our back yard, and spending the next five months sorting out where the Christmas trees will go! ;) 

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