Monday, June 17, 2013


A new house also means new walking routes, new parks to explore, and new scenery to take in.  We've been able to do a lot of that since we moved in (moving in the spring is a great idea!) 

Liddy and I enjoy our morning walks, or as I like to call them, my "morning commute."  We are finding new paths to explore and *trying* to avoid Starbucks. (Homemade coffee tastes better. Homemade coffee tastes better. Homemade coffee tastes better...ok really it doesn't, it's just cheaper) :) 

As if having a back yard wasn't enough, we have a path right near our house that takes you through the woods. Everything a little boy needs. Rocks to climb, tree stumps to jump on, a bridge and a stream to throw sticks in and as if that weren't enough the path leads right to a park! 

Adventures await and this little Adventurer is ready!

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