Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Lake Anna Birthday

One of the great things about taking the week of Labor Day off means I also get to be off of work on my birthday. Growing up too many of my birthdays were also the "first day of school" so I think now it is great to have the flexibility to do what I want to do on my b-day.

I woke up to an amazingly decorated cabin. Andy really pulled out all the stops and made my day special from moment one! He gets major props not only for taking the time to blow up balloons and hang streamers, but for planning far enough in advance to bring all the supplies (hidden in the car mind you) to the lake. What a guy!

We had a traditional German (well Munich) brunch of wiesswurst, pretzles and wiessbier and then proceeded to spend the day on the water. We did get out of the sun for a bit in the middle of the day to visit the Lake Anna Winery, and it was nice to be the only ones there. We got some scoop on this year's harvest and are looking forward to the great new wines they'll release next summer.

For dinner Andy had planned ahead to make beef wellington!! I don't think I'd ever had beef wellington before, but it was delicious! He is so gourmet. I had fun helping in the kitchen a little, but for the most part was able to relax, read my book, and enjoy being waited on. It's good to be the birthday girl!

For dessert, Andy made my favorite, ice cream cake!! Oreo crust, mint chocolate chip ice cream (the green kind of course!) and Hershey's hot fudge as the frosting. Talk about a sugar rush! I also got some great gifts, golf balls from Liddy and a new life jacket, perfume and the movie "Enchanted" from Andy. Who could ask for anything more?

It was the perfect day, and I can't thank Andy (and Liddy) enough for making it so special. Liddy even joined in the fun at the end of the night with a little balloon volleyball action, which we caught on camera. Too cute!


Lee said...

That's great... Farley is scared to death of the balloons.

Cindy said...

Happy Belated B-day! You did kinda get cheated growing up with your special day on the first day of school. It's nice to see you're making up for it now. What a nice, thoughtful hubby you have!

RipleyVT said...

yeah, if you want to see Farley shake and run in the completely opposite direction, show him a balloon! It's obvious those cousins are not blood related!