Saturday, November 23, 2013

While I worked...

At the end of October we headed down south so I could attend my annual sales meeting in Charleston, SC. I am so fortunate to work with a rock-star team who consistently put in the hard work that keeps our company growing every year. 

The best part is that for as hard as we all work, we also know how to cut loose and have a great time together. Our evenings were spent taking a walking a tour of downtown Charleston. We opted for the "dark side" of the city tour and got to learn about all the brothels, etc. etc. This is what happens when you work with all men, but I love 'em and the evening was certainly memorable! 

Our other free night we spent at the hotel playing corn hole, eating low country bbq and even found ourselves in an impromptu poker tournament and since we were sans chips, we got resourceful and used sugar packets instead. I may not have come out on top money wise, but I'd say when it comes to my job and co-workers, I hit the jackpot (cheesy, perhaps, but it's true!)

After our Saturday morning meetings wrapped up we headed to the docks and took a private sail boat ride. It was so much fun and a great reward for our hard work. Work hard, play hard - and that's exactly what we do! 

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