Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A "beachy" pre-Halloween...

Every year I am amazed at how Halloween seems to become a bigger and bigger holiday. Maybe it's because I have a young son who just LOVES the idea of dressing up and getting free candy, but there just seems to be this growing excitement about Halloween that seems to last more than just the one day. This was all too clear while we camped at Ocean Lakes which turned into Halloween central the weekend before the 31st.

The campground was packed! We're talking, every. site. full. You'd have thought it was the middle of the summer. Not only that, but everyone decorated their sites, their golf carts, themselves! It was Halloween on steroids and we loved every second of it. 

There was trick-or-treating, costume contests (both two legged and four legged), pumpkin hunts, and what people really went nuts for was the site decorating contests. Some folks pulled out all the stops to make their campsites as spooky and festive as possible. My favorite was the site that turned into the set of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, including a motion sensor which played the song as you drove by. Loved it. 

There was a site that set up a haunted "tent" which we steered clear of, but could hear the shrieks just the same. Some sites had very creepy clowns and zombies passing out candy and sometimes jumping out from behind tables, but thankfully I had a scare protector - Adam. Phew!

Adam wore his shark costume which was a huge hit with everyone that saw him - I mean, hello, a shark costume at the beach!? Perfection. 

It will be hard to not want to make the trip back down there next year....so maybe we will. 

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