Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Great Outdoors...

The weather wasn't always windy and actually warmed up quite a bit as our week progressed. We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the campground and the beach.  A few days in we decided to rent a golf cart which turned out to be a fantastic decision.  Adam LOVED riding in it and it really was a fun way to get around the park, especially since we had left our bikes at home. 

We found that feeding the ducks and swans was a fun activity...until the seagulls would swoop in and freak me out, ha! We still went back everyday.

We also played putt putt (twice) which really brings out the competition in every member of our family. I'll admit in writing that Andy won, but just try convincing Adam of that...

We spent time at the park and were reminded of the amazing views you get to enjoy, in addition to Adam's non-stop smiling face!

Considering we'll be heading home to what is being predicted as a very cold and snowy winter, it was great to soak up the sun and the fresh air while we could!



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