Monday, January 21, 2013

Beachin' it with Grandma & Grandpa

The wind finally subsided and we found ourselves enjoying a sunny, warm (well, let's be honest 55 in December is warm!) and relaxing New Year's Eve day at the beach.  It was the perfect opportunity for Grandma and Grandpa to come visit us at our camper. 

Not only did they get to enjoy ocean views and some relaxation in the sun, they also got to experience the Polar Bear Plunge that was being held right in front of our campsite!  Oh boy! Nothing like watching hundreds of crazy adults, kids, and dogs go running into the ocean in the middle of the winter (I said it was warm, but not that warm!) :)  

Adam was a little sad he couldn't participate but was happy to stand back and cheer them on.  

It was a great afternoon, and the bonus of having Grandma & Grandpa visit was we were finally able to get some family photos in front of the camper, which we enjoyed so much in 2012! 

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