Thursday, January 24, 2013

A "beachy" New Year's Celebration...

What better way to ring in the New Year than with great family, great food, champagne, fireworks and sand between your toes?!

The countdown to 2013 started with a decadent (and late, oops!) dinner at Don and Mae Mae's.  Andy and I were put in charge of preparing the feast, a task we easily accepted.  While our prime rib took its dear old time cooking we passed the time listening to stories from holiday celebrations past.  Considering my parents have been best friends with Don and Rosemary for nearly 40 years now makes for plenty of tales to tell.  

After our dinner Andy and I headed back to the camper with every intention of being fast asleep before the clock struck midnight, but after packing our bags for our early morning scheduled departure we found ourselves with our second wind.  It helped that the campground was alive with everyone living up the last moments of 2012.  Once the midnight hit the fireworks started and we were happy to partake.  Watching the fireworks on the beach with sand in our toes was a great way to start 2013 and hopefully a sign of what will be our best year yet!

Come on 2013, let's see what you've got! 

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