Friday, March 16, 2012

Play dates...

It appears that Adam is quite the ladie's man, hosting two play dates last weekend with girlfriends Adelyn and Blake.  The best part was that it meant I got to get caught up with Sommer and Erica-win/win!

Adelyn is so sweet and her hair is just the most adorable color.  I'll admit she was a little bit more interested in spending time with Liddy, but she and Adam did toss a ball back and forth for a bit.  The two of them really have no choice when it comes to being friends, seeing as Sommer has been one of my best friends for, oh, about 15 years!

As for Blake, well, she is just getting bigger by the minute.  She is such a little lady, but had no problem playing with race cars and trains. 

Two adorable little girls with two awesome moms!

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